Mastercard Foundation and National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) Young Africa Works Partnership is an entrepreneurship development and employment program targeted at young people, particularly young women, in Ghana. The partnership will create employment and income generation opportunities for 39,000 young men and women in Ghana. 70% of beneficiaries of the Young Africa Works Partnership will be women.

INNOVATION, CREATIVITY AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP (ICE) component aims at transforming young women and men into a successful entrepreneur. Beneficiaries will be trained and supported to become innovative and creative entrepreneurs.

Other components on the project:

APPRENTICESHIP TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP (A2E) is aimed at equipping young women and men with technical/vocational skills.
MSME BUSINESS ACCELERATION (MBA) is aimed at fast tracking the growth of small businesses in Ghana focusing on women-owned/led businesses, and to develop the potential of women entrepreneurs

Course Image ICE/Bootcamp


With ICE, Young Africa works seeks to train, support and transform young women and men into successful entrepreneurs.

By the end of Bootcamp, participants will be able to:

  1. Enhance their entrepreneurial mindset and develop their functional skill sets to see and act entrepreneurially
  2. Recognize the risks of becoming an entrepreneur
  3. Recognize the benefits of being a successful business owner
  4. Identify and develop great ideas into great companies
  5. Submit their business idea and complete a needs’ assessments